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City of Kelowna Takes Smart Landscaping Approach

Don Degen (City of Kelowna):
New landscaping standards will help to reduce water consumption across the city and reduce residential landscaping water consumption by a further 15 per cent. This makes Kelowna the first city in BC to set this level of landscape water usage standards.

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GOING GREEN: Kelowna’s Water Smart Program

After a series of focus groups with Kelowna homeowners, it became apparent that there were three key reasons why residents used so much water: 1) poor soil conditions; 2) inefficient use of automatic irrigation systems; and 3) lack of education.

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City of Surrey Implements Metering Incentive Program

To help homeowners conserve water and save energy costs, the City of Surrey has implemented a voluntary water metering incentive program. The public outreach program that outlined the benefits of metering over flat rate services was key to the City of Surrey making the switch to water metering.

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