City of Kelowna Takes Smart Landscaping Approach


Reduce Water Use By a Further 15%

The City of Kelowna is implementing smart landscaping practices. The new landscaping standards will help to reduce water consumption across the city and reduce residential landscaping water consumption by a further 15 per cent.

“These landscaping and design regulations are consistent with industry best practices, making Kelowna the first city in BC to set this level of landscape Don degen - city of kelownawater usage standards,” say Don Degen, Manager Utility Services. “The process will help property owners learn how to attractively landscape their yards while conserving water.” Under the new bylaw, property owners building new homes or renovating existing outdoor landscape irrigation systems will be required to apply for a City permit prior to installing or renovating their irrigation system. Property owners with irrigation systems less than 100 sqare metres would be exempt from this requirement.

Neal klassen (120p)“We recognize that the permit process may be new for some and property owners may need assistance with designing their spaces,” says Neal Klassen, Water Smart Coordinator. “A great place to start is the landscape guide. The guide provides information on smart irrigation and identifies why we need to reduce landscape water use.”

Property owners will be required to apply to the City for a permit and submit a landscape water conservation report under the proposed changes. Worksheets have been developed to assist property owners and will be available on the City’s website.


To Learn More:

The Landscape and Irrigation guide is available at

Landscape & irrigation guide to water efficiency

Posted April 2011