President’s Perspective

PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2015): Flood and Drought. Feast and Famine. What Happened to the Balance?

“The Province passed the new Water Sustainability Act in 2014 and is currently working on implementation. Groundwater will be one of the first initiatives being tackled by the province. While conducting outreach on groundwater with agricultural producers, the Province was requested by the agricultural community to develop a tool that producers could use to determine how much water they should be applying for in an irrigation license. This created a partnership opportunity for PWSBC to make a material difference,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2014): How Managing Water Now…Will Shape the Future

“The Partnership will continue to implement the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia in 2015; and will look for new opportunities and activities that can help us celebrate our successes. Success can only be accomplished through the integration of efforts of practitioners, including our many partners in the provincial government, local governments and non-profit societies,” stated Ted van der Gulik. “An initiative of the Partnership in the coming years is to integrate young, energetic professionals with a vision towards water sustainability.”

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PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2012): Mission Possible – Implementing a New Culture for Urban Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia

“Major breakthroughs happen when decision-makers in government work with grass-roots visionaries in the community to create the future desired by all. Collaboration grows from a shared vision about the future and commitment to action: Collectively this is what we want to incrementally achieve and, over time, this is how we will work together to get there. This is the ‘top down and bottom up’ approach. It is about turning the whole game around to ‘design with nature’ as a consistent approach to development and redevelopment,” stated Tim Pringle.

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PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2011): The Most Efficient Infrastructure is ‘Design with Nature’ – Start With Water Sustainability

Designing with nature is efficient. It amounts to using income from natural capital rather than drawing down the resource. Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI), an initiative of the Partnership, asserts that human settlement should be in relative balance with the ecology that supports it. This condition is prerequisite for designing with nature and it supports better control of the life-cycle costs of providing infrastructure for the built environment,” stated Tim Pringle.

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