RESILIENCE + CHANGE: Session on “Tools, Resources & Funding for Local Governments” at UBCM Annual Convention updated British Columbia local government elected representatives about the ‘convening for action’ leadership role played by Partnership for Water Sustainability (Sept 2019)

Big or small, rural or urban, our communities are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. From climate change to economic pressures, local governments are on the front lines managing the local impact of complex issues. In an uncertain future, local leaders have a duty to learn from each other and from the past and to find new approaches to plan and thrive. “One-on-one conversations with mayors and councillors from towns around BC was an effective way to inform them about the Partnership’s work,” stated Richard Boase.

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YOUTUBE VIDEO > Reflections on the 2015 Drought: “Southwest British Columbia dodged a bullet,” stated Kim Stephens in an interview published by The Province newspaper

On a positive note, Kim Stephens said the water issue is gaining a prominence in the public’s mind which it has never had. “People in general have not appreciated how vulnerable we’ve always been. They’re beginning to see how essential it is,” he said. Stephens advises the public to stay positive and not succumb to a negative state of mind. “Drought is not the end of the world. Australia survived a seven-year drought. People get through it,” he said. “The clock is ticking. Communities need to leverage this teachable year and seize opportunities to change how the water resource is viewed and managed,”

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2019 SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP CONGRESS IN VANCOUVER: “The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is looking to bridge a ‘demographic gap’ and pass on our knowledge and wisdom through an intergenerational exchange,” stated Kim Stephens, Executive Director

In June 2019, the newly created Intengine Global Change Foundation will host hundreds of young sustainability leaders and established industry-wide professionals, for the first annual Sustainability Leadership Congress. “The Partnership is participating in the Congress because the Intengine Foundation’s vision for intergenerational capacity-building aligns with the commitment by the Partnership to identify and mentor emerging talent in the local government setting,” stated Kim Stephens.

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