Partnership for Water Sustainability has a role in implementing ‘Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan’

“The strategy for leading and implementing change is called Convening for Action in British Columbia. The shared vision is that settlement change will be in balance with ecology: the right development in the right place at the right time. We can achieve this vision if development is guided by a ‘design with nature’ philosophy: start with green infrastructure and truly restore the urban fabric,” states Kim Stephens.

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PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE (2011): The Most Efficient Infrastructure is ‘Design with Nature’ – Start With Water Sustainability

Designing with nature is efficient. It amounts to using income from natural capital rather than drawing down the resource. Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI), an initiative of the Partnership, asserts that human settlement should be in relative balance with the ecology that supports it. This condition is prerequisite for designing with nature and it supports better control of the life-cycle costs of providing infrastructure for the built environment,” stated Tim Pringle.

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A View from Minnesota

“I’m very impressed with how actively you are pushing Water Sustainability in BC. It’s great to see this proactive approach. I really like the ‘no nonsense, lets get this problem solved attitude’. It’s very refreshing,” stated Peter MacDonagh.

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