2020 Annual Report for the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

“In 2018, the Partnership redefined the role of membership in our society. This change was a result of legislated changes to the BC Societies Act. As we move forward into the next decade, our leadership team will continue to strengthen our partnerships with “not for profit” organizations to achieve two objectives – assist us in our mission; and benefit from our tools and expertise. In particular, we see the stewardship sector of BC – whose members work to monitor, protect and restore natural aquatic ecosystems – as an important partner,” stated Peter Law.

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A SHORT HISTORY OF THE PARTNERSHIP FOR WATER SUSTAINABILITY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: Titled “Celebration of Our Story: Genesis / First Decade / What Next,” this legacy document was published in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Partnership incorporation (November 19, 2020)

“The Partnership is the evolution of many initiatives around water sustainability in BC. The Partnership does its work under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan. This has led to growing collaboration regarding the role of water sustainability in shaping our communities. Water sustainability is a metaphor for managing the built environment sustainably. Incorporating the Partnership as a legal entity is a natural outcome. This demonstrated record of collaboration is our strength going forward,” stated Tim Pringle.

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PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATES 10-YR ANNIVERSARY: “We live and breathe collaboration. This plays out in everything that the Partnership does. Building trust and respect starts with a conversation. Listen, listen, listen. Conversations lead to dialogue. In turn, dialogue leads to consensus,” wrote Kim Stephens, Executive Director (November 2020)

“Our partnerships & collaboration journey actually commenced some two decades before incorporation of the Partnership as a legal entity in November 2010. A group of like-minded and passionate individuals, including representatives of three levels of government, came together as a committee and created a ‘water roundtable’ that evolved over time into The Partnership. And what was the mission of this water roundtable? Champion a water-centric approach to use and conservation of land. Develop tools, resources and programs to support water-centric planning,” stated Kim Stephens.

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“The Directors concluded that it would be in the best long-term interests of the Partnership to make membership simple to administrate. Any individual with an interest in green infrastructure and/or water sustainability can become an associate member of the Partnership. All that individuals need do is go to ‘’ and follow the instructions to receive the Partnership’s weekly e-Newsletters,” states Peter Law. “Members who are registered in the non-voting Associate category have our permission to make use of information resources and guidance documents published by the Partnership.”

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Champion Supporter: recognition of the Town of Gibsons (September 2020)

“This award is really recognition of our staff, in particular our CAO, and the work that he and others have done in this very important area. The current Council was elected in 2018 and we are continually being educated in terms of natural assets and natural assets management. It is a true feather in the cap of the Town of Gibsons that we are getting recognition outside the community. At some point, I hope that (the Town’s accomplishments) will be recognized as strongly within the community. There is still work to be done in that area,” stated Mayor Bill Beamish.

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INAUGURAL BC LAND CHAMPION AWARDS GALA: The launch event for the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, with Tim Pringle honoured with the first BC Land Champion Award, and appointed as the Partnership’s founding President (November 2010)

The original plan was that Premier Gordon Campbell would launch the Partnership for Water Sustainability with an announcement at the inaugural BC Lands Award Gala. Arrangements had been completed and the gala was booked in the Premier’s schedule. His scheduled participation was a direct outcome of the Province and REFBC having made a long-term financial commitment to support our on-the-ground initiatives under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan. Unfortunately, Gordon Campbell resigned as Premier a couple of weeks before the event.

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