Land & Water Resources


    The following list of nonfiction books will be of interest to users of Waterbucket.com as they all have Water as their main subject.

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    Strong Start for Environmental Farm Planning

    The encouraging response from the province’s agricultural community to the new Enviornmental Farm program designed to enhance environmental awareness among producers, is good news for B.C. municipalities.

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    B.C. Irrigation Management Guide

    This Guide encourages long-term commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable agriculture industry. The Guide was written by staff of the Resource Management Branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and published by the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia.

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    This Soil Management Handbook provides information on the types of crops suited to the soils and climate of the Lower Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. Soil and Water Management information is provded for each crop type with details for irrigation, water conservation and drainage.

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    Summer Livestock Water Troughs

    This factsheet outlines options for basic outdoor livestock water troughs used in Summer conditions. Many photos and drawings are provided in this informative publication.

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    Sources for Livestock Water

    Information is available in a factsheet which compares water sources for livestock and the developmental methods, advantages and disadvantages.

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