UBC Okanagan is a partner in the NOGWCA project. This is a three year study funded by the Canada-British Columbia Water Supply Expansion program made available through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

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Strong Start for Environmental Farm Planning

The encouraging response from the province’s agricultural community to the new Enviornmental Farm program designed to enhance environmental awareness among producers, is good news for B.C. municipalities.

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WESTERN CANADA's PREMIER LANDSCAPE AND NURSERY TRADE SHOW The CanWest Horticulture Show has been the meeting place for buyers and sellers of BC’s nursery, floriculture and landscape industry. This event usually takes place in September of each year in Vancouver.

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Chemigation Guidelines for British Columbia

Chemigation is a term used to define the practice of applying chemicals to a crop through an irrigation system. In agriculture the type of chemicals applied are generally fertilizers to promote crop prioduction and plant growth. Available from the Irrigation Industry Association of BC is a valuable Guide which provides information on the practice of applying chemicals to a crop through an irrigation system.

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B.C. Irrigation Management Guide

This Guide encourages long-term commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable agriculture industry. The Guide was written by staff of the Resource Management Branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and published by the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia.

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B.C. Trickle Irrigation Manual

Trickle irrigation is the frequent, low pressure application of water placed near, or directly into, the plants' root zone. Water is generally applied at a low flow rate but in an amount sufficient to replenish the crop water requirement on a daily basis. Available from the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C. is a manual which assists the producer in designing a trickle irrigation system to match soil conditions, crop characteristics, field shape and topographies; selecting the right types of components based on a knowledge of emitter performance; and installing the system accurately as per a plan.

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