Okanagan Basin Water Board

The Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) was instituted in 1970 through a collaboration of the three Okanagan regional districts to provide leadership on water issues that span the entire valley – recognizing the need to work together to protect our common resources.

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Partnership Committee on Agriculture and the Environment

The Partnershipn Committee on Agriculture and the Environment provides a single-window approach for consultation on enviornmental issues that affect farmers and agriculture. The Partnership Committee provides an opportunity for local government representatives to meet face to face with the people who initiate policies and legislation that directly affect farmers.

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The Farmwest climate station network is part of a water conservation initiative for more effective and efficient use of irrigation water.

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BCMAL Production Insurance brochures collage
The webpage provides information on programs that are available to offset drought in British Columbia. Links are provided to the Production Insurance for British Columbia website, as well as a web link for federal programs. To view webpage, click on “Read more…”

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The “Drought Publications” webpage provides a list of publications and factsheets on drought and water conservation. Links are provided for you to access the listed publications.

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Drought Strategies – BC Min of Agriculture
This webpage provides many links to agencies who devote some of their resources to drought strategies – in Canada and the USA. To view webpage,

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