OP-ED: “Protect our most precious resource, or we’re all dead in the water,” say Oliver Brandes and Rosie Simms

Note to Reader:

Oliver M. Brandes is the Co-Director of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance.  Rosie Simms is the Water Law & Policy Researcher/Coordinator at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project. Together with WWF-Canada, they recently authored a Host’s Statement and Summary of the Forum on Environmental Flow Needs in British Columbia.

Moving Towards Water Sustainability in British Columbia

2Oliver Brandes_Mar-2015_120p“The ominous threat of a water crisis looms even here in British Columbia. The implications are monstrous, affecting everything from our economy, our environment, and even our health and quality of life,” wrote Oliver Brandes and Rosie Simms in an opinion piece published by the Vancouver Sun newspaper in August 2016.

“B.C. need only look to Australia or California to see the jaw-dropping costs to the economy, ecology and society of depleting water for nature.”

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Download a PDF copy of Opinon: Protect our most precious resource, or we’re all dead in the water to read the complete story.

Recently released by the POLIS Project, the research report Illumination: Insights and Perspectives for Building Effective Watershed Governance in B.C. is a forward looking and in-depth analysis of perspectives, emerging trends and opportunities associated with watershed governance and water sustainability in British Columbia. It specifically highlightscapacity needs and practical tools required to implement watershed governance across B.C. but also shows a model for the legal and institutional evolution of water, watersheds and governance across Canada—and indeed globally.