“Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan” provides backdrop for Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting

“Living Water Smart is about adaptation – that is, collectively what we need to do…to adapt…to prepare for climate change. How we will get there is all about collaboration – that’s my code for silo jumping. We must get out of our silos and broaden our perspectives. Learn from others, share with others – that is when we grow,” states Lynn Kriwoken.

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Water Sensitive Urban Design Slakes Thirst for Sustainability

“A new report — Water Sensitive Urban Design in the UK — reinterprets the WSUD concept for the UK and its conclusions might best be summed up simply as: for too long, we have been designing water out of our cities when we should have been designing it in,” writes Jonathan Nettler.

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Okanagan Water Stewardship Council wins first-ever “Water Stewardship Award for British Columbia”

“While the B.C. government continues to act on ‘Living Water Smart’ – which is our vision and plan for keeping our water healthy and secure for the future – what the Province does is only part of the solution. Local and regional groups like the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council are stepping up and demonstrating leadership throughout the province,” stated Environment Minister Terry Lake.

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