Fraser Basin Council publishes “A Guide to Water and Watershed Planning for BC Communities”

“Do you or your organization have responsibilities in the planning and management of watersheds or water resources in British Columbia? Would you like to know more about current water-related challenges and opportunities? The guide offers a primer on 10 different types of water and watershed planning processes to manage water supply and demand; protect drinking water quality; and better integrate water, land and watersheds,” states Steve Litke.

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West Vancouver Expands Supply of Filtered Water to Residents

“This project is a key part of West Vancouver’s ongoing long-term plan to supply our own high quality drinking water. We are proud partners with the provincial and federal governments in the provision of this essential public resource,” stated West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.

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“STOPS Runoff Act of 2011” introduced in United States Senate

“The bill is based on applying a standard that is already required for the construction of federal buildings – which requires maintaining a site as natural as possible to keep water from leaving the site – to federally funded highway and road projects. Projects must include technologies to infiltrate and manage stormwater onsite so that runoff pollution to local streams, rivers, and drinking water supplies doesn’t increase after construction,” says Stacey Detwiler.

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