BCWWA Seminar: Energy Efficiency: Opportunities in Aeration

How to Assess, Design, and Implement Energy Conservation Measures in Partnership with BC Hydro

Organized by the BCWWA Utility Engagement Committee and sponsored by BC Hydro. 

Description: BC Hydro is looking at a number of ways to meet the increased demand for energy. Its goal is to have the most economical and environmentally friendly resource acquisition program in North America in the next five years.

This technical session demonstrates how municipal infrastructure can take advantage of energy efficiency opportunities within their facilities, and how BC Hydro Power Smart can support them. The session will focus on an in-depth review of efficiency opportunities in municipal aeration systems and other opportunities by North American experts. The session will also include case studies, and an overview of the BC Hydro Industrial Power Smart Program, and how municipalities can best take advantage of it. 

Who Should Attend: Municipal administrators, municipal engineers, green infrastructure staff, design engineers, and operators.

Read more at the BCWWA Conference website: http://bcwwa.org/annual_conference/2010/ws.php.