Urban Development Institute commits to working with government to bring “Living Water Smart” vision to fruition


Living water smart - bcs water plan


Doing Business Differently

Released in June 2008, Living Water Smart is the provincial government's vision and plan to keep British Columbia's water healthy and secure for the future. An over-arching goal is to encourage land and water managers and users to do business differently.

“Water defines British Columbia and it is essential to our quality of life,” stated Environment Minister Barry Penner when he announced Living Water Smart on Environment minister barry pennerJune 3, 2008 at a creekside ceremony held on Crown Street in Vancouver.

“Living Water Smart: British Columbia’s Water Plan lays out the vision and the steps needed to protect our rivers, lakes, streams and watersheds,” added Minister Penner. “This plan will make B.C. a leader in water stewardship, fits with our overarching strategy to protect the environment and positions us for continued success in the 21st century.” 

To view a YouTube video clip of Minister Penner making the  announcement, please click here. And to read a comprehensive story about the announcement, click on Living Water Smart: A Plan for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.


Green Development Makes Sense

Living Water Smart creates a water-centric vision that responds to this challenge: What we want British Columbia to look like in 50 years and beyond. Achieving the vision depends on the cumulative decisions that British Columbians make now and over time. To help the reader visualize the future, Living Water Smart includes a section titled Imagine. An excerpt from page 35 is reproduced below:

  • “Imagine our neighbourhoods are connected by streams and wetlands – giving us green corridors to walk in and use to get to the grocery store

    Have trees and shrubs along stream banks that coolour communities and capture greenhouse gases

    Have plentiful trees to catch the rain and snow, so water seeps slowly into the ground instead of rushing straight into storm drains and creeks

    Have fish in the creeks that our kids can catch and eat

    Have sidewalks and roads that allow water to flow into the groun – replenishing our supply

    Are filled with native plants that aren't so thirsty.”

Living water smart - crown street


Leaving a Legacy for the Future

Representatives of several organizations joined Minister Penner for the UDI executive director - maureen enser (160p)announcement, including Maureen Enser, Executive Director of the Urban Development Institute.“We’re interested in planning for long-term, balanced growth that will leave a legacy for the future – a strategy we see reflected in the Living Water Smart plan,” said Maureen Enser. To view a YouTube video clip of her statement, please click here.

“The Urban Development Institute is committed to wise and efficient land use,” stated Maureen Enser. “By working collaboratively and collectively, we can apply Living water smart - maureen enser (from video)new ideas and thinking to the way we build communities.”

“Today we are on the brink of change. This is a special moment in time,” she continued. “We have been looking for a clear vision for this province in terms of its water resources….now we have to work together to make sure that the plan comes to fruition.”

“Minister, this is phenomenal. We are committing ourselves as an industry to working with government at all levels to make sure this precious resource is protected for future generations,” Maureen Enser stated in conclusion,

Living water smart - crown street announcement

The announcement took place at Musqueam Creek, where a wild salmon habitat restoration project is being led by the community-based, non-profit Musqueam Ecosystem Conservation Society (MECS). “As more British Columbians make water stewardship and conservation a part of their daily lives, we'll be better able to preserve the diverse habitats and species of unique ecosystems like Musqueam Creek,” said Christina Nahanee, outreach and events co-ordinator for MECS.

Living water smart - by 2012


Posted December 2008