Cowichan River Stoltz Bluff Sediment Issue & Project Planning Part 1 (2005-6)

Craig Wightman of MOE and Dave Murray of Kerr Wood Leidal describe how the Stoltz slide area has caused 10-20,000 cu.m/yr. of sand, silts and clay materials to erode from Stoltz Bluff and suffocate the lower ½ of the Cowichan River.

  • Stoltz Slide & Cowichan Sediment Planing Phase (2005-6) 
  • This Stoltz slide area is a glacial deposit now being eroded at a rate of 10,000 cu. m./yr. by river undercutting.
  • The fine sediments are being washed downstream and deposited throughout the lower Cowichan River as a result of flooding and natural processes.
  • This 14 minute video was produced in support of the remedial plan developed through co-operative action of the Stewardship Round Table.