Canadians support conservation

Canadians support conservation

Probe Research Inc. has conducted its second national analysis of Canadians’ attitudes and behaviors on a wide range of drinking water issues. Entitled A Clear Perspective of Canadians and their Drinking Water (2004), the study tracks several important areas from a previous research project conducted in 2002. In addition, several new areas were explored, such as Canadians’ current efforts to conserve water.

Probe Research contacted a random and representative sample of 2000 (adult 18+) residents across Canada by telephone between August 2nd and August 30th 2004. With a sample of 2000, one can be 95 percent certain of an accuracy rate ±2.19 percent (19 times out of 20) of what it would have been had the entire population of Canada been interviewed.

As noted in the report, “Canadian consumers were virtually unanimous in their view that conserving water is a critical priority for the country. Across the nation, 82 percent feel that conserving water was essential for Canadians, while a further 15 percent assigned at least some importance towards efforts aimed at reducing water consumption. Only two percent of the population felt it was not important to conserve water.

“Also on the water conservation front, more than two in ten Canadians (42 percent) agree they should be stepping up their water conservation efforts. While one-half of Quebec residents feel they should be doing more to conserve water in their households, less than four in ten residents of Manitoba (36 percent) and Alberta (37 percent) thought they should be doing more in this regard. Women were also more likely to agree that their water conservation efforts could be increased as compared to their male counterparts (45 percent versus 39 percent “agree”).

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