SAVE THE DATE (Nov 28) TO BE INSPIRED – CBC’s Bob McDonald (Quirks & Quarks) headlines power lineup for “Blue Ecology Workshop”

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All of us have an impact on the land, on the water, and on the way things look. And decisions made today will ripple through time. The Partnership showcases big ideas through its annual workshop series. We do this to inform choices about land and water.  

Michael Blackstock’s big idea for interweaving First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science – Blue Ecology – is especially powerful. The essence of Michael’s vision is ‘embrace a water-first approach’. It is an idea whose time has come.

In this workshop, the Partnership for Water Sustainability’s Ted van der Gulik along with two well-known personalities – the CBC’s Bob McDonald (host, Quirks & Quarks) and Member of Parliament Fin Donnelly – will team with Michael to share their unique and complementary perspectives on a water-first approach. The Fraser River is a centrepiece for the workshop program.

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4_Eric Bonham_120p“The program is visionary yet pragmatic. Bob McDonald, Fin Donnelly and Michael Blackstock are a powerful trio. The Blue Ecology theme, blending First Nations cultural knowledge and Western Science challenges us to be more inclusive when addressing watershed systems,” observes Eric Bonham, elder statesman with the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia. “Bob and Fin are well known individuals and to have both of them on-side and supportive of the work of PWSBC gives credibility. If we can create a documentary out of the workshop that blends Michael’s central message with commentary from Bob and Fin we will have a powerful message indeed. A message going forward that could appeal to a broad range of interest groups.”

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Download “Blue Ecology – interweaving First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science” for a program preview.

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