Partnership for Water Sustainability recognizes four champions of “convening for action” in British Columbia



 “Convening for Action” means moving from awareness to changing practices on the ground

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is a not-for-profit society. The Partnership is helping the Province implement Living Water Smart and Green Communities through a shared responsibility in delivering the Water Sustainability Action Plan. The Partnership is the hub for a ‘convening for action’ network in the local government setting. A majority of local governments on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland are involved in Partnership initiatives.

“Over the past decade, many individuals have played pivotal roles either in the genesis or in the evolution of the ‘convening for action’ initiative. To honour these individuals, and their substantial contributions, the Partnership has created the Lifetime Members category. The first four individuals to be so recognized are Paul Ham, John Finnie, Erik Karlsen and Dale Wall,” announces Tim Pringle, Partnership President.

“Each is an innovator and a catalyst for change. Each in their own right has envisioned and shared the next timely step as they saw it, and as a result, have collectively contributed invaluable wisdom and foresight to the common task of adopting and implementing long term sustainability practices.”

“While they have retired from their professional careers, the mission continues. Our vision is that these thought leaders will play a wise elder role within the Partnership. In this way, the ‘convening for action’ program will continue to benefit from the knowledge, insights and wisdom that they have accumulated over the course of their distinguished careers in leadership positions.”


Paul Ham is Past-Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership initiative. He retired from the City of Surrey as General Manager of the Engineering Department. He continues to provide assistance to the GIP. John Finnie is Past-Chair of the CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island initiative. He retired from the Regional District of Nanaimo as General Manager, Regional and Community Utilities.
Erik Karlsen was co-lead in the formative years of the “convening for action” initiative. He retired from government as Director of Regional Growth Strategies in the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs. He then served five years as Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission. Dale Wall was a founding member of the Green Infrastructure Partnership and a ‘convening for action’ funder. He retired from government as Deputy Minister of the BC Ministry of Community and Rural Development.


TO LEARN MORE about the role that each individual played in bringing the vision for “Convening for Action in BC” to fruition, click on About the Lifetime Category of Membership in the Partnership.


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January 15, 2013


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