Town of View Royal hosted first event in the 2008 Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island Series

View Royal Implements Ecosystem-Based Plan for Enhancement of Old Island Highway 
The Town of View Royal was the host municipality for the first of three events in Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation: The 2008 Series. The Town showcased its  Transportation Master Plan, with the spotlight on the implementation strategy for reconstruction and enhancement of the old Island Highway in phases.
“Through a comprehensive consultation process, the community has embraced a holistic, ecosystem approach that looks for opportunities and synergies to achieve multiple objectives when replacing and/or retrofitting municipal infrastructure,” reports Emmet McCusker, Director of Engineering.

A series of six stories posted on the Water Bucket website elaborate on the program content. To access those stories and learn more, click here.
To download a document that consolidates the six Water Bucket stories under one cover, click on the following link to the Summary Report on Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in the Town of VIew Royal.

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