Regional District of Nanaimo draws attention to need for "appropriate resources and enabling legislation" in its Water Act Modernization Submission

Context for Water Act Modernization
Modernization of the Water Act is seen by the Province of British Columbia, and others, as an essential part of delivering the Living Water Smart vision.  It is about making BC’s water laws simpler to understand, communicate, administer and enforce as communities respond to current and future challenges. 
To inform British Columbians and solicit comment on Water Act Modernization, the Province released both a Discussion Paper and a Technical Background Report in 2010.  The Province recieved over 1000 written submissions in response. One of those was from the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN).
“The RDN supports the goals outlined in the Water Act Modernization Discussion Paper and encourages the Provincial government to take the necessary action to support these goals by providing the appropriate resources and enabling legislation,” stated the staff report prepared by Mike Donnelly, Manager of Water Services.
“An adaptive, integrated watershed-based approach to water management that recognizes groundwater and surface water as the same resource requiring protection, regardless of use, is required.”

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