Home Depot Demonstrates Rainwater Management Innovation in the City of Courtenay

First Deep-Well Injection Application in BC  

“In 2003, the Home Depot development application in the City of Courtenay was to build a store and parking lot covering 90% of a four hectare second growth coniferous forest property,” reports Kevin Lagan, Director of Operational Services. He told the Home Depot story at the Okanagan From Rain to Resource Workshop in October 2010.
“The City required that post-development rainwater and stormwater flows leaving the site were equal to or less than the pre-development flows. For this property that was effectively zero.”
“How did the developer meet this requirement of replacing a forest with impervious areas and has the solution been successful? Learn about the challenges encountered and the innovative solution used.”
Home Depot established a BC precedent when it implemented a deep deep-well system for injecting rainwater runoff and recharging the underlying groundwater aquifer.
TO LEARN MORE: To read the complete story posted on the Water Bucket website, click on Kevin Lagan tells the story of the first deep-well application of rainwater runoff to be implemented in British Columbia

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