A Regional Response to 'Infrastructure Liability': Comox Valley Regional Team releases agenda for Seminar #1 in 2011 Learning Lunch Seminar Series

Achieve Water Sustainability Outcomes through Green Infrastructure Solutions

Green infrastructure and water sustainability — the Comox Valley is demonstrating what can be achieved through a ‘regional team approach’ that is striving for consistency at local government front counters. This is accomplished through sharing of experiences, collaboration, alignment, and pooling of resources to ‘achieve more with less’.
“The Town of Comox is hosting the 2011 Learning Lunch Seminar Series on April 14, May 19 and June 23. The regional team is inviting Vancouver Island land use and infrastructure professionals in the local government and land development sectors to attend,” states Shelley Ashfield, an engineer with the Town of Comox.
“The spotlight will be on the unfunded ‘infrastructure liability’ confronting all local governments. This is a driver for a change in the way we plan, finance, implement and over time replace infrastructure. In the 2011 Series, we will focus on how all those involved in land development can help communities achieve Sustainable Service Delivery.”
To foreshadow the information transfer that will take place in each of the three 2011 seminars, weekly e-blasts will be circulated throughout the March – June period. To preview Seminar #1, click on A Regional Response to Infrastructure Liability: Comox Valley Regional Team releases agenda for Seminar #1 in 2011 Learning Lunch Series
To register for Seminar #1 via the registration service provided by CivicInfo BC, click here. Registration will be capped at 45.
Comox Valley Update #2011-01
March 10, 2011

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