articles for period 2011 thru 2015

Worth Every Penny: An Introduction to the Water Pricing Primer

Part of the rollout to stimulate a national dialogue on sustainable water management, the Nanaimo Region Water Pricing Workshop is decribed as the first of its kind in Canada. “The desired outcome for the workshop was that participating practitioners would connect the dots between three initiatives; and would understand why ‘conservation-oriented water pricing’ is a tool to achieve a larger end – that is, Sustainable Service Delivery,” stated John Finnie.

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Okanagan Sustainable Water Strategy: 2010 Progress Report

“The Strategy brought together technical information and highlighted the most important water management issues and how they connect to one another. The 2010 Progress Report outlined the progress made on the Strategy’s 45 action items over the first two years. It highlighted successes to date, identified areas where more work needed to be done, discussed barriers to implementation, and suggested next steps,” stated Nelson Jatel.

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Realizing the Vision in Canada’s Northwest Terrritories

Oliver Brandes (POLIS Project, University of Victoria):
The Northern Voices, Northern Waters Water Stewardship Strategy sets the stage for the next generation of Canadian water policy by incorporating ecological knowledge alongside the values and concerns of Aboriginal peoples, regional stakeholders, and governance bodies.

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