Stajan V J’s short film, Rain of Life launched on World Water Day conveys the importance of water conservation in the wake of scorching summer in India


When every drop of water counts

Director Stajan VJ has tried to convey the need to conserve water through his short film Rain of Life. The film was released on YouTube on March 22 as part of the World Water Day.

This is Stajan’s first short film and he says, “You cannot drink dollars; you cannot create even a drop of water, but have to wait for the mercy of nature. Even the heirship to a kingdom is worthless when it is weighed against a drop of water.” The short film tries to convey the value of water and the need for conserving every drop.

Through this 6-minute short film, Stajan conveys a message that in areas where water is abundant, nobody values it. The director wants to tell viewers that if water management techniques such as rainwater harvesting are followed, then these situations can be overcome. He says, “I wanted to do a short film based on some major issues. This is how I thought of doing a film on water conservation.”

The short film begins with a young couple enjoying the beauty of nature in a helicopter. Their helicopter crashes in a deserted place in Kenya where they can’t find a single drop of water. While desperately searching for water, they come across a tribal man with a vessel of water. They are in a situation where they are ready to pay the tribal man anything to quench their thirst but he is not ready to give them any. The  film shows the difficulties the couple has to go through to get a few drops of water.

The film makers plan to screen the short film across the world. A planet with more than 1,000 rivers still faces acute scarcity of drinking water. The film projects a serious message about water conservation, failing which would result in the whole land facing water scarcity. Rain of Life mainly focuses on the importance of water harvesting.