CAPE TOWN WATER CRISIS: “A city that safeguards itself against water risks is characterised by shared accountability. We have a long way to go,” stated Dr. Kevin Winter, Future Water Institute

‘Progressive’ new water strategy for Cape Town

“As Cape Town prepares to transition to a water-sensitive city, the new water strategy appears to position ordinary citizens, already well acquainted with the narrative of ‘Day Zero’, as key to it success,” wrote Dr. Kevin Winter, from the Future Water Institute, wrote in an article published in the University of Cape Town News.

“The city’s water crisis has helped in re-shaping practice in the future management of Cape Town’s water.

“The world is still watching Cape Town and is keenly waiting to see how lessons are translated into action.

“The proposed strategy signals a much more responsible approach to building a robust, long-term plan.”

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Cape Town’s water crisis has reinforced the city’s dependence on a limited water supply system. (photo credit: