Drought Response in British Columbia: Province reminds local governments about BC’s Water Conservation Guide

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Province Develops Resources to Help Local Governments Better Manage Water During a Drought

“The Province of British Columbia is experiencing severe drought conditions in many regions, with only five of twenty-four regions experiencing normal conditions. Regions experiencing drier than normal conditions represent approximately 99% of the entire population of BC,” wrote Liam Edwards in a Circular sent to all local governments on August 25, 2015. Liam Edwards_2014_120pHe is the Executive Director, Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Branch, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

“The Province is urging water users to take action to conserve and manage water according to the drought levels in their regions as described in the BC Drought Response Plan.”

Water Conservation Guide for BC

“Released in 2013, the Water Conservation Guide for British Columbia provides a seven-step water conservation planning process to get your community on track for a healthy, water-wise future. It has been designed to help small to mid-size communities identify and realize their water conservation goals, though it contains information that larger BC communities may also find useful,” continues Liam Edwards.

“The Guide helps communities in the development or revision of water conservation plans. Using the guide will also help ensure a community’s water conservation plan meets the requirements to be eligible for drinking water infrastructure funding from the Province.”

To Learn More:

To download a copy of the Circular, click on BC Drought Situation.

Click on Water Conservation Guide for British Columbia to download a copy of this guidance document. Each step shown in the diagram below is outlined in a chapter, with step-by-step instructions for how to develop and run a planning process, an example case to demonstrate ideas, and a writing checklist to assist those who are responsible for crafting a water conservation plan for their community.

Water Conservation Guide_Exec Summary