Nine years after the Drinking Water Protection Act


Nine years after the drinking water protection act

“The BC government, with the best of intentions, aims to protect its citizens from the various risks associated with untreated drinking water,” writes Denny Ross-Smith in the Fall 2010 issue of the Watermark Magazine, published by the BC Water & Waste Association.

“Large water systems have been the primary focus of the regional health authorities, and good progress has been made to improve the overall level of treatment for many municipal and regional district water systems.”

“Meanwhile, nine years after the introduction of the Drinking Water Protection Act, not a whole lot seems to have changed for small systems.”

“The likelihood is that not much will change over the next five years or so. Governments are strapped for cash, and there is little chance that they will introduce financial assistance programs (grants or loans) beyond what is currently available to local government,” concludes Denny Ross-Smith.


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To read the complete article, click on Fall 2010 issue of Watermark Magazine and scroll down to page 28; or click here to download the extract.


Posted December 2010