POLIS Project introduces the ActionH20 Water Sustainability Charter



The POLIS Water Sustainability Project has developed a Water Sustainability Charter and WaterSmart Toolkit for communities across Canada. The charter aims to contribute to the global effort to mitigate our looming water crisis by providing a stepping-off point for the development of community water visions that address local management challenges. The Charter is part of the ongoing ActionH2O campaign to help local organizations develop effective new conservation and efficiency-based water governance techniques. ActionH2O is a joint effort between the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and the Sierra Club of Canada. It is supported by the RBC Blue Water Project.

The purpose of the ActionH20 Water Sustainability Charter is to commit Canada to local water conservation goals at the municipal level. By signing the Charter, communities and municipalities can commit to clear targets and demonstrate their intention to be leaders in sustainable water management. The Charter is also a community engagement and public accountability tool – holding local politicians and governments accountable to a clear commitment to water stewardship, conservation, efficiency and an integrated approach to resource management within their communities.

By signing the Charter, communities have the opportunity to become part of a Canada-wide network of leaders, innovators and champions working towards local and regional water conservation goals. The WaterSmart Toolkit provides a guide to how community groups can use the charter to engage local governments, including quick tips and strategies. Other ActionH2O resources include include Worth Every Penny: A Primer on Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing and the ActionH20 Activist Toolkit (.pdf).


Posted November 2010