Six water associations in British Columbia form a ‘cooperative committee’ to promote collaboration



Partner Associations

A new committee has been formed to promote collaboration and co-operation between various water associations.  It is called the Co-operative Committee of BC Water Associations (CCWA). The associations represented are listed as follows:

  • The Water Supply Association of B.C. – WSABC
  • B.C. Water and Waste Association – BCWWA
  • Coastal Water Suppliers Association – CWSA
  • Small Water Users Association of B.C. -SWUABC
  • B.C. Groundwater Association – BCGWA
  • B.C. Centre for Water Systems Capacity Development – CCD


Mission and Goals

The CCWA is dedicated to promotion of collaboration and co-operation between the member water associations and their membership. This voluntary partnership has six goals:

  1. Co-ordinate co-association activities.
  2. Accommodate affordable joint membership of water associations.
  3. Synergize efforts on common water related issues.
  4. Facilitate co-operative initiatives with Government.
  5. Generate advancement of the water industry.
  6. Maintain the diversity and viability of the member associations.


Posted October 2010