Implementing Water Policy Strategies: Beyond the Price of Paper



Webinar Series

“The POLIS Project on Ecological Governance has developed a five part webinar series hosted through the Living Water Policy Project initiative.  This webinar series is focused on emerging water governance ideas and trends that are surfacing across the POLIS - liz hendriks (120p)country,” states Elizabeth Hendriks.

“The objective is to create a continued dialogue to strategically address evolving concepts that will allow Canadians to sustainably manage water resources into the 21st Century. ”


Desired Outcomes

The series will empower scientists, policy-makers, decision-makers, academics, and the non profit community to:

  • Build a stronger understanding between the research, and on-the-ground implementation;
  • Share perspectives and expertise on the latest water issues, best practices, and policies across the countries; and
  • Join a network of expert practitioners and thinkers from across the country to create a community without jurisdictional division

The first in the series is titled Implementing Water Policy Strategies: Beyond the Price of Paper. To learn more, click here.


Posted September 2010