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Voices for Our Planet

“Amongst dragon boat and water walking races, Singapore recently launched their International Water Week,” writes Alison Wheatley on her blog for July 2, 2010. 

“To show the effort that some people put into getting drinking water, Arctic natives were shown hacking blocks of ice, and southern women were shown carrying two buckets of water home from a well.  School teams competed to build the best and the fastest water rafts using recycled materials including water bottles.”

To read the complete story, and learn more about the Voices for Our Planet, website click on Fun Water Conservation.


About Alison Wheatley

Alison has two passions in life.  The first showed up at age three, when she stood in awe, transfixed in front of the tigers’ enclosure at the Toronto Zoo.  Her love of wildlife has since found its expression through her support of conservation organizations Alison wheatley (150p) - voices for our planetaround the globe, beginning when she was fifteen.  Over time, Alison has come to realize that the world’s people need help as well. Today, Alison is committed to international sustainable development with wildlife conservation as its figurehead.


Posted July 2010