Purple Pipes – Driving the Next Wave of Water Conservation in British Columbia



Change Behaviour to Conserve Water

“Simple water conservation measures have all been enacted: low-flow fixtures, watering restrictions, refined metering/pricing structures. Yet many Canadians still use more water per capita than most others. So the need to engage water users more fully is clear; conventional device-driven conservation is not enough. People, not appliances, conserve water,” writes Ron Hartman in an article published in the March/April 2010 issue of Construction Business.

“Here is where purple pipe programs can shine; they encourage conservational behaviour directly….they have the potential to make a sea of change in consumer water use patterns. Why is that, when other approaches are delivering such mediocre results?”

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Reprinted with permission from Construction Business magazine.

Construction business magazine - march-april 2010 - cover

Posted June 2010