How does BCWWA become a leading voice for the water and wastewater community in BC?


Reprinted from the Winter 2009 issue of Watermark Magazine, the journal of the British Columbia Water & Waste Association:


Becoming a Leading Voice…..

How does BCWWA become a leading voice for the water and waste community in BC? The vision of 40 committed individuals in 1973 was the impetus for forming BCWWA, which has since become what is today – an association of 4,200 members.

Starting with that small, but solid foundation, the building blocks for successful Daisy foster (120p) - bcwwagrowth were the ideas, experiences and solutions that individual members shared with others. These building blocks have contributed not only to the growth of BCWWA, but to better practices in the water and wastewater industry, which allow the public to place greater reliance and trust in our drinking water and today’s practices that safeguard the environment.

BCWWA has recently decided to become more proactive in the area of advocacy. Our reason – we understand that knowledge changes behaviour. For successful advocacy, BCWWA’s voice and positions on issues must reflect the collective wisdom and knowledge of our members. Our members must share their experiences, ideas and observations, so that we can formulate positions and common messages on topics that are important.

To read the complete article, click on Winter 2009 issue of Watermark Magazine and scroll down to page 6.


Posted February 2010