Making the Most of the Water We Have: The Soft Path Approach to Water Management



Book Review 

Making the Most of the Water We Have is the first book anywhere in the world to comprehensively present and apply the water soft path approach. This Making the most of the water we havepublication focuses on various Canadian detailed studies but also takes a global perspective looking at examples and experiences from around the world.

It demonstrates that soft path analysis is both analytical and practical, and emphasizes that Soft paths are not only conceptually attractive, but can also be economically and politically feasible.

“A consistent theme in Making the Most of the Water We Have is that changing behavior or ‘social engineering’ (an ominous phrase that actually appears in the text) requires a ‘value- laden’ or ‘profoundly normative’ political commitment to an ecosystem perspective over an anthropocentricview,” writes G.Tacy Mehan III in a book review published by the Environmental Forum in the January/February 2010 issue.


Posted January 2010