Facing Long-Term Drought in the Western United States


The West's water efficiency pioneers talk about their philosophy regarding the relationship between water conservation and drought response strategies:

“Drought… It’s universal. Although not altogether correct, the American West is known for it. Yet, every time it comes around, people tend to act surprised, even in the West,” writes Penelope B. Grenoble in the November-December issue of Water Efficiency Magazine

The article draws on the experience of water efficiency pioneers with the Southern Nevada Water Authority, Seattle Public Utilities, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility, City of Austin, City of Denver and City of Phoenix. 

“Although long-time water conservation managers make a distinction between ongoing programs designed to encourage efficient use of water, and temporary curtailment responses that ask customers to make sacrifices and undergo hardships, many utilities are beginning to see the value in turning drought into an opportunity to develop what Phoenix water managers call a low water-use lifestyle,” writes Penelope Grenoble.

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Posted December 2009