We shouldn’t wait for the tap to go dry


Toledo blade - tom henry column (360p)

According to a column by Tom Henry published by the Toledo Blade, the leaders of two esteemed think tanks – Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute – have agreed the “era of endless fresh water is coming to an end.”

“They claim the traditional reliance on massive reservoirs and water-distribution systems must be augmented by a greater emphasis on projects such as rainwater collection. And that there should be a greater emphasis on reuse and recycling, economic incentives, and water-use efficiency,” writes Tom Henry.

Maude barlow (100p)In his column, Tom Henry quotes Maude Barlow extensively. A bestselling author, Ms. Barlow chairs Canada’s largest activist group, the Council of Canadians, as well as the Washington-based Food & Water Watch.

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Posted December 2009