Water Bucket provides ‘home’ for telling the story of British Columbia’s Water Conservation Calculator



Developed by the BC Ministry of Community & Rural Development to support its grant application process, the web-based Water Conservation Calculator was formally British columbia water conservation calculator - logo (trimmed version)launched in October 2009. It is in its first BETA testing live release. The calculator has evolved from a spreadsheet-tool that the Ministry first pilot-tested with a number of local governments in 2006.


Living Water Smart context

“To help the Water Conservation Calculator team tell their story, the Water Bucket Website Partnership has created a ‘Mike tanner (120p)home’ on the Water Use & Conservation community-of-interest. This is where we will post articles about the application of this web-based tool,” states Mike Tanner, Website Chair.

“The Water Conservation Calculator will help local governments make informed decisions so that they can do business differently in order to achieve Living Water Smart targets, such as: By 2020, 50% of new municipal water needs will be acquired through conservation.”


Posted November 2009