The Water Channel is an online repository of visual water material and a media facility


The Water Channel is the product of an international partnership that includes UNESCO. It is based in the Netherlands. is a dedicated web-based video channel on water. It caters to a large audience, making a large amount of video material available in support of many initiatives. 

TheWaterChannel brings together several strands: insights in today’s water challenges, multimedia expertise and a passion for better water management and better water services for a growing world. Apart from the website, TheWaterChannel is a repository of visual water material and a media facility. TheWaterChannel provides the following services: 

  • Hosting of videos on  and their active promotion through local broadcasts, social media, real-time announcements and linkage to special target groups   
  • Media management – management of video material within organizations, converting and processing (voice over, trailers and others), broadcasting and dissemination of new and old material
  • Theme development – bringing together videos on special themes, adding  supplementary material and special activities to bring the theme to the attention of a large audience
  • Support to awareness and educational campaigns and events – prepare background material, provide interactive services, live-streaming and others
  • Special productions – developing special videos or communication packages as well also video documentation and fact-finding using a network of contacts
  • Off-line services – compilation DVDs for educational purposes and others, where on-line access is inconvenient

For a detailed write-up of what TheWaterChannel can do, click here.

Posted November 2009