City of Los Angeles Launches New On-Site Rainwater Harvesting Program to Conserve Potable Water


July 21, 2009 – The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works has rolled out the City’s first free Rainwater Harvesting pilot program. It will provide free assistance to residents and commercial businesses willing to collect rainwater for storage and use for their private property irrigation.  The program aims to reduce the polluted rainwater that goes into the ocean and help conserve the use of potable water.

Residents that sign up for the program will be eligible for complementary installations of rain barrels and downspout disconnections, or planter boxes for businesses.  The captured rainwater will then be either routed to pervious surfaces or used for on-site irrigation. The program allows residents and businesses to become part of the solution in transforming rainwater from urban runoff to a natural commodity.

Wing Tam, City of Los Angeles Rainwater Harvesting program manager says, “This program sets an important first step for future citywide roll-out.  Our hope is that the pilot areas will begin the momentum needed to generate interest in harvesting rainwater throughout the entire community. Ultimately, the beauty of the program is that it establishes community members and the City as collaborators, both working together for a more sustainable water supply and a clean ocean.”

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