BC Water & Waste Association endorses “Living Water Smart: British Columbia’s Water Plan”


VANCOUVER: Environment Minister Barry Penner announced a new provincial stewardship initiative this week: Living Water Smart – British Columbia’s Water Plan. The plan contains new elements of education, planning, policy, economic incentives and regulatory change aimed at protecting BC’s fresh water resources, particularly habitat and source water quality.  Benefits are anticipated through action in many sectors, including business, cultural, education, industrial, environmental, communities and agriculture.

Of the over 40 actions or targets identified at this time, all are of particular interest to BCWWA members. For example, the plan includes:

  • setting of ambitious water efficiency and conservation targets
  • legislated stream flow requirements for ecosystems and species
  • limitations on the term of water licenses in water scarce areas
  • support of watershed management planning in priority areas
  • regulating large groundwater withdrawals
  • priority on community drinking water source protection
  • safeguarding First Nations traditional and cultural water uses
  • community flood-proofing and mitigation funding, and
  • youth education and community involvement programs in water stewardship.

There’s no doubt that many of these new strategies will be implemented in our communities by BCWWA members. These are areas in which we have the skills and the enthusiasm to lead, and to make a real difference. I encourage each member to have a look at the components of this initiative, and through this to lead positive change in your community. Details of the program can be found at www.livingwatersmart.ca.


Mike Nolan, President

British Columbia Water & Waste Association


Posted June 4, 2008 on www.bcwwwa.org  For the complete story on the announcement by the Environment Minister, please click here.