Williams Lake conserves wisely

Posted January 2006

In 2004, the City of Williams Lake undertook a major review of its water utility and associated management practices. The resulting documents—the Williams Lake Water Conservation Plan and the Waterworks Bylaw—identify water management and water conservation strategies that will protect and preserve our valuable water resource well into the future. These documents can be viewed on the city’s website and at City Hall.

Why is this review so important? In short, we use more water than the Williams Lake Aquifer can provide. If nothing is done, water use will continue to climb, placing greater and greater pressure on the aquifer and our water collection, treatment, and distribution systems. This would pose a significant threat to water quality and economic vitality. Water conservation, therefore, is critically important and must be practiced year-round by residents, businesses, and the city.

Conservation Initiatives

You’ll see some new conservation initiatives over the next few years. The water utility will increase visibility of its successful Summer Smart Lawn Watering campaign, and broaden educational opportunities for Williams Lake residents and businesses. Utility staff will offer field trips for schools and residents interested in learning how the water system works. But that’s not all.

The utility will repair leaks in the distribution system and flush reservoirs and pipes. And the city will continue to make conservation an important component of all new civic buildings. Wherever possible, water-efficient technologies and xeriscaping will be used in all new facilities. Staff will also undertake a thorough review of the Water Utility Business Plan, thereby ensuring the city can pump safe, clean water to all connections for years to come.

Water conservation is everybody’s business. City Hall can encourage water conservation, but the biggest impact comes from homes and businesses. Water is a valuable and limited resource that we must all use wisely. For tips on how to save water, visit the city's website or give us a call at 250-392-1763.

Water Conservation Efforts Paying Off

Another summer has past and, for the third year in a row, Williams Lake looks set to use less water by the end of the year than the year before. This is good news for the aquifer, and good news for all Williams Lake residents. Summer lawn watering and domestic consumption over the critical months of June and July were far below past values, helped by higher rainfall and increased conservation efforts.

But, we still have more to do. Your water utility is pumping an average of 160 litres/second from the Williams Lake Aquifer, 10 litres/second greater than the aquifer can sustainably support. Water conservation is more important than ever, and is something all residents need to practice year-round.