WEED out conservation information

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, along with Environment Canada and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, developed an online database to encourage information exchange in the rapidly growing field of water-use efficiency.

The Water Efficiency Experiences Database (WEED) allows visitors to search the database and/or submit an experience to the database. Categories include indoor and outdoor use, landscaping, public awareness and education, infrastructure, regulations, economics, community activities, and research, technology and science.

If, for example, you’ve retrofitted plumbing fixtures, changed the price of water, educated your constituents, or simply conducted a water audit, WEED staff would like to hear from you, regardless of the sector you represent. As noted on the website, “The greater the number of entries, the more useful the database will become, so please take the time to enter your experience.”

There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions attached to this site that may be of interest and use to managers and operators of water and wastewater facilities.

To visit the site, go to www.cwwa.ca/WEED/Index_e.asp