CMHC committed to water-use efficiency

Water-use efficiency and conservation technologies are important components of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s “Healthy Housing” commitment to environmental stewardship. Two initiatives in particular are focused on water-use efficiency.


As described by CMHC, “WATERSAVE is a computer program intended for the design and analysis of water flows, water quality, and energy use in a dwelling unit. The dwelling unit, which is described in terms of its water use and plumbing configuration, might be a single-family home or multi-family complex.

“The program was developed as an aid to designers of innovative household water systems, which might include wastewater recycling, water conservation, use of rain water as a complete supplementary source, and on-site wastewater disposal.

“The program can represent water and wastewater flows in a residential system, calculate concentrations of a given parameter throughout the system, and determine the distribution of heat and water temperatures in the system. It can also assist in determining the capacity and efficiency of a rain water cistern system as an alternative water source.

“The program does not design system components; it depends on user-provided information to define the configuration of the system, water use, raw and treated water quality and treatment efficiencies, and energy inputs and energy recovery options.”

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Household Guide to Water Efficiency

CMHC offers Canadian municipalities an affordable means of educating residents about water-use efficiency. The Household Guide to Water Efficiency is “packed with information on water-use efficiency for both inside and outside the home. Richly illustrated with colour photos and drawings, the guide shows residents how to test for and repair leaks, make the most efficient use of water when doing daily chores, and plan their landscapes with water efficiency in mind. Unlike pamphlets and bill inserts, the guide has been designed as a reference tool for residents—one they will keep and use for years.”

To order the guide or for further information please contact Michel Coulombe at 1-800-668-2642.