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The Urban Water Demand Management (UWDM) team at the University of Victoria's  POLIS Project on Ecological Governance is pleased to announce the release of At a Watershed:  Ecological Governance and Sustainable Water Management in Canada. To view the report and summary report please visit the POLIS websites and/or

This report builds on the strength of the action plans laid out in previous reports.  At a Watershed goes beyond the urban environment, addressing specific issues of governance.  While the first two reports, Flushing the Future? and What the Experts Think, laid out the examination and diagnosis of Canada's ailing water management system, and The Future in Every Drop provided the prescription, this final instalment creates the holistic solution for long-term water sustainability in Canada.

Through detailed case studies and innovative practices from around the world, At a Watershed reveals models and best practices that can be adapted in Canada.  This report outlines the enabling environment that fosters ong-term, integrated and comprehensive water management where ecosystem health and social sustainability take the primary role.

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