Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia launches Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Calculator

The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IIABC) has developed the Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Calculator to assist irrigators in developing a proper irrigation schedule taking into account the location, landscape, soil and irrigation system operation parameters. Click here to access this new tool. The calculator requires the following site information to be collected:

  • Soil type and depth of soil on site
  • Crop rooting depth
  • The flow rate of a full circle sprinkler
  • Sprinker spacing

The calculator will provide the irrigator with the number of days to water, the irrigation run time for each day and the maximum run time per cycle. The IIABC has developed a Users Guide that provides much of the information that is required to make informed selections in the calculator. While the calculator can be used without the guide, the guide is useful in providing additional information on the specific parameters that need to be selected to calculate accurate results.