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    THE LITTLE CREEK THAT COULD: “The book speaks to the fact that nature can heal itself if only given a chance. While this book focuses on healing a particular stream, the broader message is about healing the environment. My hope is that it will resonate with many regardless of where they live, in our province or in our country,” stated Mark Angelo, author and founder of BC Rivers Day and World Rivers Day

    “I am such a believer in engaging the broader community as best we can. Going back 50 years ago to the 1970s when I was first starting as a streamkeeper, it was a lonely undertaking. Streamkeepers were few in number. One of the great steps forward that I have seen over the decades is that now there are many many streamkeepers and there streamkeeper groups attached to virtually every stream in the Lower Mainland. These volunteers put in thousands of hours, keep an eye on local waterways, profile issues when they arise, and approach local governments to help them deal with and correct those issues,” stated Mark Angelo.

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