Towards Watershed Security in British Columbia: The role of water in modernized land use planning

    “The goal of a renewed and modernized approach to integrated provincial planning is to help address real issues on the ground and in the water, achieve multiple economic, social, and sustainability benefits, and, critically, to prevent future problems, reduce conflict, and save money. The way land and water are used, governed, and stewarded is often at the nexus of these persistent challenges. Our research offers insights and specific actions for a modernized land and water planning regime in British Columbia that would help secure the long-term health and prosperity of communities,” stated Oliver Brandes.

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    WATER, PLACE AND RECONCILIATION: Unpaving Paradise at Kus-kus-sum on the Courtenay River on Vancouver Island

    “Pre-1950 aerial photographs confirm that Kus-kus-sum was indeed a forested streamside area in the K’ómoks Estuary with side-channels connecting it to the adjacent Hollyhock Marsh,” stated Caila Holbrook. ”The restoration process will include removing built infrastructure from the site, removing fill, re-grading the topography of the area, planting native species and removing the steel wall. Nature will come back; it is already trying to – as trees and salt marsh plants are poking through the 1 foot deep rebar-reinforced concrete.”

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