International Year of the Salmon

    WATERSHED MOMENTS, THE VIDEO TRILOGY: “Passion is the glue for collaboration when everyone shares a common set of values and a vision for reconnecting people, land and water,” states Paul Chapman, Chair, Vancouver Island Symposia Series on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate

    “Producing three videos in just six months required an incredible commitment by all 15 members of the Watershed Moments Team . As I reflect on all three modules in the series, the thread that attaches them all is the different layers of responsibility that team members represent. Yet most team members only knew a few of the other members when we began our sprint to create the series. Through the shared experience of doing something bold and original, everyone connected and bonded in a way that would not have happened without COVID,” stated Paul Chapman.

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    INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE SALMON: Reconnect People, Fish, Land and Water – module #3 in the Watershed Moments Virtual Symposium (livestream on YouTube; December 3, 2020)

    “From an International Year of the Salmon perspective, large efforts of a very large mass of people around the rims of the North Atlantic, North Pacific and likely Arctic oceans will need to ‘come together’ for any real change to occur. From this perspective the requirement in an increasingly interconnected world is closer to ‘humankind’ than to a few of us in the local community. That said, it’s the sum of us in local communities that will move this closer to a humankind undertaking,” stated Dr. Kim Hyatt.

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    “International Year of the Salmon” – a potential game-changer?

    “How do we encapsulate the human element? It is not just our impact on things. It is much more. It is our behaviour. It is how our behaviour has changed over the decades. We are trying to make things better. The way we are managing really goes well with the designing with nature concept. We are part of nature. We are part of the ecosystem. We have a big effect because there are so many of us. We change the landscape profoundly. But we are still part it,” stated Dr. Peter Tschaplinski.

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    BE THE CONTENT THAT YOU WANT TO SEE: Blueprint for Making Videos in the Age of COVID (Announcement #2 for Watershed Moments, the Video Trilogy Series)

    “The story of how I became involved in the Video Trilogy Series shows what is possible for a concerned citizen who wishes to make a difference. There are people out there like me who are concerned about the environment and would like to do something about it, and are motivated to help bring about necessary change,” says David Mackenzie. “In 2018, I went to the first in the Vancouver Island Water Stewardship Symposia Series looking for leadership and found it. Now, I am part of a team and I am responsible for the production side of the Video Trilogy Series.”

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    REGISTRATION RE-OPENS: bold and exciting – Comox Valley 2020 Symposium is re-imagined as a Video Trilogy Series

    “Watershed Moments, the video trilogy series, is cascading. Our focus is on the whole-system approach, connecting land and water, and restoring water balance in altered landscapes. The series will inform, educate and create understanding. Each video is built around a ‘facilitated conversation’ moderated by Richard Boase, District of North Vancouver. These conversations are much more than talking heads in a studio setting. Inter-weaving of outdoor footage creates an engaging narrative,” explained Kim Stephens.

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