A NEW SEASON OF WATERBUCKET eNEWS BEGINS: “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see,” stated Sir Winston Churchill

    “Everyone learns from stories and storytelling. We typically feature ‘convening for action’ champions who build on knowledge, experience and wisdom to advance Green Infrastructure solutions that achieve Water Sustainability outcomes. We shine our spotlight on the ‘story behind the story’ because we observe that is what engages and inspires readers. Through the stories that we share, we underline that context and history do matter. The voices of experience tell us that progress is measured in terms of decades, not years<" stated Kim Stephens.

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    ON JUNE 25: “Canadian Water Summit 2015” will be held in Vancouver

    The world is more complex and fragile than ever before. These trends are bigger than any one organization can solve,” says Todd Latham. “The Energy of Water theme for the 2015 Canadian Water Summit is more than the water/energy nexus conversation – it’s about water professionals celebrating the positives and opportunity that water can bring to Canada. The professionals in attendance will be engaged and inspired by a program that encourages collaboration and seizes advantages of the ‘energy of water’ in Canada and around the world.”

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    Tree Canopy Interception of Rainwater: BC Research Project Fills Gap in Science-Based Understanding

    “The Kamloops study generally confirmed findings of other researchers that high branch angles, smooth bark, and substantial woody infrastructure contribute to high stemflow production. However, it also identified exceptions to general patterns as well as factors that have not previously been analyzed – for example, the role of multiple leaders in a canopy vs. a strong single leader,” reported Julie Schooling. “This study builds on precedent-setting research in British Columbia, filling gaps in science-based understanding of tree canopy processes and promoting translation of the science to application through tools such as the Tree Canopy Module of the rebuilt Water Balance Model.”

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    Premier Christy Clark announces that Ted van der Gulik inducted into British Columbia Public Service Hall of Excellence

    The BC Public Service Hall of Excellence was established to recognize those individuals who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to the province of British Columbia. The inaugural induction of the Hall of Excellence took place at the provincial Premier’s Awards ceremony in Victoria on October 8, 2014.

    “For 10 years we have been recognizing and celebrating public service achievements that have made real differences in people’s lives. I wanted to find a special way to honour individuals who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to British Columbia. Now the Hall of Excellence is the highest form of recognition public service employees can strive for,” stated Premier Christy Clark.

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    District of North Vancouver’s “GEOweb Open Data portal” empowers citizens through information

    “Understanding the context is key to interpreting results. An increasing building footprint is short-circuiting the Water Balance, and this has consequences for local governments – both in terms of financial liability and fisheries sustainability. The District’s GEOweb open data portal are being used as communication and teaching tools. With GEOweb, and through the use of historical air photos and Google Street View, we can visually look back in time to clarify where we want to go. The take-away message is that the District of North Vancouver is leveraging technology to help us make better decisions and provide better service,” states Richard Boase.

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