“International Year of the Salmon” – a potential game-changer?

    “How do we encapsulate the human element? It is not just our impact on things. It is much more. It is our behaviour. It is how our behaviour has changed over the decades. We are trying to make things better. The way we are managing really goes well with the designing with nature concept. We are part of nature. We are part of the ecosystem. We have a big effect because there are so many of us. We change the landscape profoundly. But we are still part it,” stated Dr. Peter Tschaplinski.

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    Nature’s assets support core local government services!

    “Each round (of the conversation) is framed by a question that provides the starting point for delving into what Emanuel Machado and Tim Pringle have learned through experience,” explained Richard Boase. “The questions are designed to draw out the reasons why translating policy objectives into tangible outcomes requires that local governments have a methodology and metrics for valuing ecological assets and services in an asset management strategy. It is one thing to have a number for better maintenance and management of ecological assets. Putting it into play requires an understanding of how local government processes work.”

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    Moving Beyond a Zoom Webinar to Inspire an Audience

    “We looked to TED Talks for inspiration. The videos are much more than talking heads. In re-imagining the 2020 Symposium as the Video Trilogy Series, our vision is that the audience experience ‘in the moment’ will be better than having a front-row seat at a live event. In a virtual sense, our audience will be up close and personal with our team members. All that will be missing from the experience will be the conversations that happen spontaneously during networking breaks, when delegates share their immediate reactions to what they just heard,” stated Kim Stephens.

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    BE THE CONTENT THAT YOU WANT TO SEE: Blueprint for Making Videos in the Age of COVID (Announcement #2 for Watershed Moments, the Video Trilogy Series)

    “The story of how I became involved in the Video Trilogy Series shows what is possible for a concerned citizen who wishes to make a difference. There are people out there like me who are concerned about the environment and would like to do something about it, and are motivated to help bring about necessary change,” says David Mackenzie. “In 2018, I went to the first in the Vancouver Island Water Stewardship Symposia Series looking for leadership and found it. Now, I am part of a team and I am responsible for the production side of the Video Trilogy Series.”

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